Saving Lives through Safe Water


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v       Waterborne diseases are the principal cause of death for children in many countries.

v       3.4 million people die every year from diseases contracted by contaminated water.

v       Over 1 billion people are affected by diarrhea, roundworm, or schistosomiasis.             

v       1.2 billion people in developing countries do not have access to safe water.


World Help Foundation serves as a catalyst to focus attention to the world problem of unsafe drinking water through research, field testing, implementation and replication, education and public awareness. We believe that a set of "turnkey solutions" can be developed to address the myriad of different water problems that exist. Our focus is also upon proper sanitary solutions, as the problem most often requires an integrated approach to attacking `dirty water death'.  While we concentrate our efforts on rural villages, we also consider urban fringe solutions using `mini-municipal systems' for both safe water and sanitation.


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